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Thursday, June 10

The Aster Cottage Dollhouse Day 6

Today I installed the floors. This is Greenleaf vinyl flooring that comes in strips and looks just like hardwood. I happen to think that they look even more realistic than the real wood floor strips because they have great clapboard grooves once applied.

You have to apply each strip individually so you can stagger your joints. So some strips will have to be cut and other left long, etc. Just make sure your joints are not all in a straight line going down the rooms floor.

Even though these peel and stick strips have a sticky back to them, I still applied tacky glue to each strip, just to give it an added hold.

A great way to mark where you have to cut on each strip is to mark the sticky side with a sharp craft knife. These strips can be cut with scissors easily.

Now you see why it was important to paint the floor dark brown first. It helps hides any little areas that can not be gotten to and it keeps any white from showing between the grooves and joints.

I painted the fireplaces oven doors black and added little round handles to them. The handles are just jewelry pieces.

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