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Wednesday, June 9

The Aster Cottage Dollhouse Day 5

I first primed the entire dollhouse with white acrylic paint. As the paint dries, you can actually see some areas of the wood turning yellow. That's acid in the wood and you don't want that seeping into your stucco so it's best to prime everything. I didn't prime the floors because I plan on priming them later with brown paint since the floors I'm applying are dark brown wood.

After the primer was dry, it's time to apply stucco. I used Greenleaf dollhouse Stucco. Be careful with the amount of liquid you add to it. Don't even bother with the instructions for mixing it. I suggest you add liquid slowly and stir during the process so you don't end up putting in too much and ruining the stucco. Your stucco should be the consistancy of oatmeal for application. That way you can really create texture with it. I used all of the stucco that came with the dollhouse and an extra bottle of it as well. I mixed white acrylic paint with it and some water since the paint is very thick and would not allow the stucco proper mixing on it's own.

Applying the stucco is messy but fun. You want the texture to be all the way around and you want to get into every nook and cranny so no place is left undone.

I applied the stucco to the exterior and to the entire interior including the fireplace.

Swirl your paint brush as you apply it but also dab it to create more texture.

Always keep extra stucco around until your project is done. When you mix paint with stucco, it tends to lighten in color so the touch ups have to be done with your stucco mix so you don't notice them. The bottle where the dry stucco powder came in works well for storing your mixed stucco. Don't keep mixed stucco stored for too long. After some weeks or months, it will get moldy.

Don't worry about tabs that might show around this dollhouse. They will be covered with the half timber trim and also the dormer, door and bay roofs. Stucco also works great to fill in any gaps.

You will notice that as the stucco dries, it might crack. You can add more stucco to hide them or spackle will work just fine.

I did not stucco the chimney or foundation since I'm adding river pebbles to these areas.

I then glued river pebbles all around the foundation for the dollhouse. Make sure that you put the door steps on before the pebbles. Always use tacky glue to apply your river pebbles for longevity.

After the pebble foundation was done, I went ahead and painted all of the half timber trim. When that was dry, I applied it. It was very easy, just follow the pictures of the dollhouse on the box kit.

Once the half timber was dry, I went ahead and pebbled the chimney.

When that was dry, I turned the dollhouse right side up and used brown paint to prime the floors. I plan on putting on these floors tomorrow.

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