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Tuesday, June 8

The Aster Cottage Dollhouse Day 4

Today I installed the roof edge over hangs. Since I am covering this roof with faux fur in order to create "thatch", it might be a little tricky for me with these extra over hangs.

Each piece is made to fit a certain way so you won't be able to install them wrong. I suggest you get rid of the smaller pieces first by installing the dormer and the rear end thatch pieces before doing the larger ones.

I took some detailed photos of how it's suppose to look. All of the pieces will fit together like a big puzzle but you might have a few gaps just because of the nature of the wood. Don't worry about them. If your going to stucco the dollhouse, they will all be hidden. I plan on applying stucco to the entire underside of these roof edges.

Notice I installed the fireplace, minus the mantel and oven doors. I plan on using stucco all over the hearth and the fireplace itself. At first I had thought of using the stones on it but the dollhouse speaks and it wants a stucco fireplace.

I made a mistake and installed the wall without installing the hearth along with it. It's impossible to put the hearth in after the wall is up.

I still installed the hearth but I had to cut the side slots so I can fit the hearth into the opening. I then installed the side piece through the bottom of the foundation.

So remember, install the hearth with that fireplace side wall or you won't be able to fit it in later. The instructions will address this but honestly, I haven't been following them because without pictures, they are basically useless to me.


Jenna said...

Hi, I have a question for you. I am interested in making the Aster Cottage, because for the most part, I like the look and size of it. However, the thick look of the roof has always bothered me. I assume that's because it's supposed to look like snow? (Sorry, I'm an American -- I haven't had much chance to view European cottages, so maybe the thickness is authentic? Do you know?)

Anyway, as I was examining your wonderful post on the Aster, I wondered -- would I be able to make the cottage turn out okay if the overhangs were not installed? Are they just for show or do they somehow support other parts of the cottage? Thank you.

Gina said...

Jenna, sorry for the late reply but Blogger is not notifying me when comments are being posted, for some reason.

The thick roof can be made to look like snow but really, it was intended to make the roof look like thick thatch. I assembled this dollhouse years ago and I can not remember if the eaves are supportive of the structure or not. Maybe looking through the photos of the assembly on my blog, might be able to show if they are.

Carrie said...

Gina, Thank you so much for your fantastic blog! You are AWESOME! I don't think I could have assembled my house without your great detailed photos. I had particular trouble with all the little parts of the eaves, but once I saw your photos, it made sense. Thank you very much for posting your expert advice and suggestions. I really appreciate it!


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