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Monday, February 8

The Tennyson Dollhouse Day 7

The porch railing of this dollhouse is extremely difficult to figure out and assemble. If you plan on making your posts a different color from the rails, then paint everything before assembly.

The best advice I can give you is to read the instructions very carefully in order to assemble the railing correctly. The instructions happen to be very detailed for this step and they have some good illustrations as well. Photos are just not going to capture the details of how the parts go together so follow the illustrations and make sure you dry fit everything before you commit to glue. I suggest you assemble all of the railings first, dry fit them to the dollhouse and then glue them together. It is very easy to become confused since these railings are made up of many individual pieces.

Keep note on which way the posts face so that you do not install them backwards and guide yourself by the front box photo. It's really priceless for completing this railing.

Basically, in short, the railings are two pieces laminated together. The pieces with the notches go on top for the bottom rail and on the bottom for the top rail because the end of the posts fit into these notches. That's why it's important to dry fit the parts carefully before glueing because you can easily get the direction of the notches confused.

This kit was actually missing one of the side notched pieces so I had to laminate a strip of balsa wood to the rail and line up the individual posts by hand. Not an easy thing to do but you would never be able to tell by looking at the railing.

As more components go up, you can see the dark green slowly move towards the background and all of the white and light green stand out, giving the dollhouse a lot of detail.

I finished installing the interior window and door trim of the dollhouse There were some parts that were missing but I was able to easily make them using balsa wood strips. Strange since all the sheets of this kit were accounted for.

I decided to put the fireplace together. These fireplaces are open in the back so you have to find a way to cover them or you will be able to see your wallpaper when you place them against the wall. I decided to use sandpaper as the backing. It works just right and looks great. Now when I place the fireplace against a wall, you can't see right through it. I stained my fireplace but you can certainly paint it any color you want and you can even embellish it with jewelry fixings or wooden inlays.

I glued the fireplace in the living room but you can position it anywhere you want and you certainly don't have to glue it in place if you want to be able to change it later.

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