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Wednesday, February 3

The Tennyson Dollhouse Day 2

I began putting walls and floors together. In this dollhouse, nothing is inaccessible so I do not have to stop the assembly process at any time to finish any area. I stopped assembly right before putting up the bay walls and third floor.

I used tacky glue to put it all together and then I clamped very tightly with masking tape. Make sure that all joints are tight and edges flush to each other. All tabs must go completely into the slots. This dollhouse has nice big slots so I didn’t have to use a mallet but if you're having problems, use your mallet to tap the tab into it's slot.

The key is for everything to fit flush and tight together. A lot of newbies get caught up in the fact that some of the wood sheets are warped or the dollhouse is not sitting straight or some of the walls are leaning. Don’t worry about anything at this point. The dollhouse will be wobbly until ALL of the parts are in place. As long as the structure has all tabs into their slots and all joints are tightly together and flush, you will not have any problems with your dollhouse. The roof is the final component that sturdies and straightens the dollhouse.

Double check that everything is tightly together before you walk away from it. Make sure everything is clamped in place and let it dry. After it’s completely dry, unclamp everything and go over every joint with wood glue. You will have to turn the dollhouse on it's side and upside down to be able to get every joint. Let it dry overnight before continuing.

After the shell was dry, I installed the bay windows. Start at one end and continue putting each in place. They are very easy to do. Then you're going to put up the long narrow wall that goes between the left side wall and the left bay window. On the schematics this wall is suppose to be on Sheet 15 but it’s not. It’s actually a separate piece that comes with the kit. The schematics let you know that but it's kind of confusing so just keep in mind that this piece is not on any sheet, it's just a loose piece in your kit.

Clamp to make everything flush and tight.

Then the third floor goes on. It’s very easy. This dollhouse does not have any "slide in" floors that have to be angled and hammered in for a locking effect. The floors go right on top of the walls and the tabs fit right in the slots. Again, clamp everything and let it dry. Go over all of the joints with wood glue and let dry over night.

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