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The Tennyson Dollhouse Day 1

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The Tennyson By Greenleaf

Keep in mind that the newly re-released laser cut Tennyson dollhouse kit, pictured above, has different features than this older original model I am blogging. The porch railings, foundation and second floor porch roof have all been re-designed with the new kit. This Tennyson building blog is not for the new kit, even though the basic dollhouse structure is still the same for both of them.

Since this kit is old a lot of the pieces were falling off the sheets so I decided to go ahead and label them all and punch them all out before starting assembly. I do not recommend for newbies to do this. All of these pieces are very confusing and similar to each other. If you're a newbie, keep everything in it's sheet until the instructions ask you for them.

This dollhouse has old instructions which name the parts of the dollhouse a little different and somewhat confusing. Labeling each and every piece according to the schematics is really the only way to keep things organized. When you label, make sure you label not only the name of the piece but also the sheet it came from. That way you can easily find it on the schematics if it becomes confusing. Be extra careful when labeling the long, various sized pieces in the schematics. Double checking which is which with a tape measurer is a good way to be sure they are being labeled properly.

This dollhouse does not have good pictures on the instructions so keeping the box photo is essential for knowing how it's suppose to look.

I bundle the pieces with masking tape to keep them together. They are bundled by sheet number and letter. Make sure that the slots are fully exposed and that no splinters or jagged wood is in the way to keep the tabs from going in smoothly.

After I sanded each bundle, I bundled them up again with masking tape and labeled the masking strip so I know what pieces are in each bundle.


Anonymous said...

So great to be able to follow this build with you, I purchased this kit last night so as soon as it arrives I'm sure this will be extremely helpful to me.

Hugs, Kim
Sydney - Australia

Anonymous said...

I'm from the Netherlands and I have this house too. It is difficult to build, but it is a very nice house! 4 Years ago, I build the kit on a market fot €10,00. Let me know how far you are. ( I don't know how to say it in correct English. )

Greet, Rosa
The Netherlands

Ruben said...

I just was given this old model Tennyson kit to assemble. It came with NO instructions! Many of the pieces are punched out already. Do you know of any way to get copies of the assembly instructions for the old model you built? Your site may be all I have to go on to assemble it (if possible). It is encouraging to see it together here though. - ruben - Cambridge, MA

Gina said...

Well actually, Greenleaf Dollhouses re-released this dollhouse model and they have the instructions for it. All you have to do is call or email them and order a copy.

The new instructions are nearly identical to the old model because really, the only major difference between the two is the porch railing. You would be able to assemble those using my blog. Everything else is pretty much the same.

Good luck with your project!

Mary said...

Hi Gina, finally after two months I finished the Orchid dollhouse. I bought the old Tennyson by Artex and the windows are all wrinkled and unusable. any ideas where I can get new ones? All the pieces are in good shape and none are missing, there is even a 19 piece furniture kit with it. Love your blogs, very helpful and I don't think I could make the house without you. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and building the houses help a lot. thanks .

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina, I'm building the Tennyson and realized my bay windows and large square window are different than yours, I must have an older kit. The crosses on the windows are built into my openings so I have to install the acrylic before I can install the windows. Since my windows were destroyed in the kit I need to get new acrylic. Thanks for your blogs, they are really helpful.

Gina said...

Hi Mary,

The windows are made of clear acetate. I have seen sheets of cuttable, clear acetate in the scrapbooking aisle of craft stores.

You can also use transparency film, like the kinds used in projectors. This will probably be easier to find at any office supply store.

I am happy to know that dollhouse building is helping with your health. I have GAD and found that dollhouses helped improve my condition as well.

Good luck with your Tennyson! It's a great house.

Gina said...

There is a possibility that there are differences between older and newer kits. The kit I had was pretty old. The new Tennyson seems to be much easier to build, with a very user friendly railing system. The railings of older kits are exceptionally difficult.

Don said...

I have found a set of Instructions for the Tennyson Model No. 99. I have made PDF copies of the four sheets of Instructions. They are in 11"x17" (Tabloid) format. If you send me your email address I'll forward copies of these Instructions.
My daughter and I started this project about 25 years ago but never finished it. Going to try to complete it prior to Christmas. She's now 41 years old. Should be a blast from the past.

Gina said...

Thank you Don,

You can send the instructions using the Contact link on the bar at the top of the blog.

Denise said...

My husband purchased this kit around 1988 to make for his daughter. Artply had provided some furniture with this kit. We are currently trying to finish the kit for our granddaughters, but the furniture assembly instructions are missing. Would appreciate any help on finding some instructions. Thank you!

Gina said...

Denise, this kit is made my Greenleaf Dollhouses and is still in production. You have to contact them directly for a copy of instructions.


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