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Tuesday, September 8

The Rosedale Dollhouse Day 8

I’m playing around with the color of the stone on the walls that I already finished. I painted it all a solid neutral gray first. I’m still not sure what color I want it to be. I decided to use a lighter shade of gray, sponged over the dark gray to get a really rough, worn stone effect.

I glued some windows in, just to start seeing the look of the gray on the walls. Notice that my window designs are black and not white. I used a permanent black marker to go over all of the white “mullions” and made them black instead. I didn’t want any white on the dollhouse. I think the black suits it much better.

I continued applying the clay and making it look like stone, to the rest of the walls. I only have the kitchen bay front wall left. I'll do that one later.

In the meantime, I decided to create an iron door for the dollhouse. I assembled the door just like the instructions say to. I then added jewelry pieces to certain parts to make the ornate nail heads for the door. I let them dry overnight. I left one middle side nail head out because that’s where the door knob is going.

Once the door was dry, I mixed gold metallic paint and black paint in about equal amounts and painted the door with it. It gives the black door a nice metallic sheen which makes it look just like if it was metal. You can also use silver metallic paint mixed with black as well but I like the unique warm color that the gold gives it for this particular dollhouse.

I added window and door trim to the dollhouse. I think it looks just fine like this but it could need just a little something that I'll have to experiment with later. I continued adding trim, shutters, some fascia, etc.

Please make sure that when you are using the clay, you really press the clay into the joint edges well or your fascias will not fit properly later. You might end up having to chisel the edges a little for a perfect fascia fit.

Notice the living room bay fascia. This fascia is very plain because it doesn’t bring any brackets. I added the same jewelry pieces that I did the door with and then when they were dry, I painted them over with white paint. I made sure that the paint clogged all of the filigree to make all the pieces look solid. Now I can still see the deighns but it looks like it's been carved into the fascia wood itself. I'll do the same for the kitchen bay.


Nancye said...

Gina, I like your choices of wallpapers. The house is looking good. Keep up the good work. I have to say, though that this house seems to be a particulary difficult one; can't wait to see it totally finished!!

dora said...

Me interesaria ver una maquina de corte de láser, posible sería?. Saber y tambien, si Están a la venta.

Gina said...

Lo siento Dora, pero las maquinas de cortar madera laser no las visto en venta para el uso personal.

Gina said...

Thank you very much Nancye! It has been a little difficult but totally worth it.


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