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Wednesday, September 2

The Rosedale Dollhouse Day 2

This dollhouse starts with the staircase. You must build the staircase sandwiched between two walls first and then continue building the dollhouse around it. This is the most important step of the entire dollhouse assembly. If you get it wrong, you won't be able to continue.

Installing the staircase this way can be tricky for wallpapering. You MUST wallpaper the staircase walls now. You can not leave it for later because once the floors go in, these areas can not be accessed and of course, it is impossible to wallpaper around already inserted staircases. You have to label each side of the walls to make sure that your wallpaper matches up with the right rooms after the rest of the walls are put in place. Here are some additional pictures of the dollhouses interior so you can better see where each staircase wall will face after assembly. I also made a small diagram in one of my pictures so you know which side faces which way.

You first have to prime the pieces once you get a visual of how they will go in the dollhouse. You can't prime every area or you won't be able to stain your staircase rails and there are also some areas that will be facing the outside of the dollhouse once the dollhouse is built. Notice the areas that I primed with white paint. Those are the areas you have to wallpaper.

After the primer is dry on both pieces, you can go ahead and stain the staircase railing. Just as I suspected, staining this wood is great. The edges just makes the color of the stain pop out and everything looks so nicely finished and neat. It's really very beautiful.

Now you have to wallpaper the primed wall areas depending on where each side will face on the dollhouse. Like I said before, this can be a tricky step and you have to really take your time to analyze how the pieces will face after assembly or you will accidentally wallpaper everything wrong. Position the pieces like if the staircase was already assembled between them so you can double check how the walls will face in your dollhouse. Label each room with pencil. Remember that the second floor also goes through some of these walls so there are two different rooms on one side of some walls. One on the top and one on the bottom.

These walls basically will have areas facing into every room so you will have to wallpaper accordingly. This can be extremely confusing. Don’t wallpaper until your certain which wall is what. Study the pictures in the instructions carefully and on the link I provided above where there’s additional, detailed photos of this dollhouses interior.

I can't stress enough how important it is to get this step right. If you get it wrong, you will be in a pickle once the dollhouse is assembled and you have to start removing wallpaper because your living room wallpaper is facing your kitchen and your kitchen is where your bedroom should have been, etc. Once a staircase is in you won't even be able to do that without demolishing the whole dollhouse.

You also have to be extra careful on how you insert your walls and staircase because you can end up assembling the structure facing the wrong way and that will prevent you from fitting the walls around the dollhouse. You might end up with an inverted dollhouse.

I’ve tried to take as many pictures as possible of this staircase assembly.

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