Saturday, September 12

The Rosedale Dollhouse Day 11

I finished shingling today. I trimmed the mansard roof edges with corner trim. You can buy L shaped trim from your miniature dealer but I bought basswood strips from my local craft store and butted them at each mansard corner to create my own L shaped trim.

The laser cut speed shingles made everything go very quickly. The only thing that took time was making the pattern. It took a lot of painting and matching up to make the pattern work.

I finally wallpapered the attic. I finished applying the interior trim while I was wallpapering. I glued on the staircase post caps and the final two kitchen bay windows.

Like I said before, I decided to apply the window sills for the interior windows flat against the walls instead of raised like the exterior ones are. The dollhouse was intended for you to glue them raised but I decided I got better coverage and a more finished look with them sitting flat.

I hid all of the back exposed edges with skinny sticks. You can buy basswood strips at the craft store for this but since I had skinny sticks on-hand, I decided to use them up on this.

Be careful with your wallpaper when you clamp the trim on the back edges. I used masking tape even though masking tape is not recommended to use on wallpaper. The longer it stays stuck on it, the harder it is to take off. Blue painters tape is better.

I finished the baseboard trim on the interior of the dollhouse and I did a LOT of paint touch ups. I used skewers for the baseboards just like I did on the ceilings.

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kathi said...

You are making good progress! My little house will be upside down this weekend too. I'm going to try to remove some bits of old wallpaper and then paint the ceilings. I might try to add a ceiling medallion to one of the rooms? Your posts have been very helpful! Thank you.


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