Thursday, May 14

The Gloucester Dollhouse Day 7

The spackle stenciling I did yesterday is so hard this morning that it feels like plaster.

Today I finished the other side of the dollhouse and shingled it. I was really undecided about what color to stain the shingles on this dollhouse. At first I wanted to give them a white-wash but then I thought they would get lost with all the white fascia around them. I ended up using blue with a touch of gray and it worked perfectly. I really like the way this stain doesn’t interfere with the rest of the color scheme.

I used octagon shingles but I placed the first row upside down so it wouldn’t interfere with the grooves of the fascia.

I’m still adding designs to the exterior of the dollhouse. I finished the front and the legs today. This means all the stenciling is done. I found another cameo that I painted to match the dollhouse and glued it to the front door pediment. I think it gives the front of the dollhouse a little more detail.

Now that the exterior of the dollhouse is almost done, I can get to the real fun part, the interior.

I went shopping and bought all sorts of ribbon, fabric, glue, fabric roses, doilies, marble look shelf paper, buttons, wood caps, etc. I got balsa wood, as well, because its so soft that you'er able to cut it with scissors and I need that flexibility since I’m going to make wainscoting from balsa slats.

I got doilies for the ceilings instead of the plastic lace table cloth I wanted. I searched everywhere for the plastic one and just couldn’t find it so I settled for the doilies. I bought them large enough to cover the whole ceiling.

By the time I’m done with the interior, this dollhouse will look like a Victorian sewing box on the inside. I chose all neutral light colors to keep it feminine.

I first cut out all of the mural panel wallpaper I had. I then glued all of those cut out pieces to a piece of cardboard. That way they looked raised. I used the box the dollhouse came in. I used a glue stick to adhere the wallpaper pieces to the cardboard. I'll use a sharp craft knife to cut them out later.

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