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Monday, May 11

The Gloucester Dollhouse Day 4

I primed the entire interior of the dollhouse, including the floors since I am going to cover them and not stain them. It's best to prime the dollhouse without the roof on so you can really reach in and get all the corners.

I painted the side walls that I installed yesterday and the leg bottoms. I primed the interior of the front wall and painted the exterior.

I presented the front wall to the dollhouse so I can see how it's taking shape. I haven't hinged the wall yet, I just dry fitted it to the front. Today I worked on the roof of the dollhouse.

When building your roof be very careful and look at the picture link of the dollhouse in every detail. The instructions do not let you know just what edges are to be glued together when building this roof and the only tabs and slots are on the main panels.

The outer triangles are suppose to go over the side edges, not flush to them. I accidentally made mines flush. Hopefully it won't be a big deal for this roof to fit. By the time I realized this mistake, the glue was dry and if I tried to dismantle the roof, I would just end up breaking it.

The mistake caused me to have a hard time putting in the roof ceiling. I had to sand it down a lot to get it to fit properly.

After the roof was dry, I use a mixture of paint and spackle to finish it. I wanted it to have a plaster look. The wallpaper panels I plan on using for one of the rooms on this floor are a very similar color to the paint I chose for this ceiling so it will look very nice.

Afterwards, I installed it on the dollhouse and clamped it with tape to dry. Thankfully, even though I made a mistake assembling it, it still fit the dollhouse perfectly.

I worked on the front door panel as well and I began assembling the windows. The windows are made up of four layers. Two go on the front of the wall and two on the back.

The window sashes with the mullions, has to be placed in first and it goes directly into the wall window opening. If it doesn’t go in smoothly, tap it in with a mallet and/or sand them. I didn't have any problems with mines though, they went in just fine.

Then you glue the acetate clear window "glass" to the back of the window. Then you glue a trim over the window sash. This trim will be the same size as the sash and you will have a small gap on all sides around it. If your picky about it, you can spackle the gap away but I actually like it since the windows do not bring interior trim for the opening, the gap makes kind of a “faux” trim.

On the exterior you have to apply the two trims that are as large as the window opening. They are laminated together with the narrower one on top and the larger one on the bottom. Once dry, you glue it to the exterior of the window. Make sure you center them well and that you have painted all the parts before beginning this assembly. The whole process causes a very nice layered effect for the windows.

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