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Sunday, May 10

The Gloucester Dollhouse Day 3

Today I painted the entire dollhouse. I gave it one coat of paint first and then sanded, spackled any slots and gaps and then gave it a second coat of paint.

Now that the legs are painted you can see how they appear to be part of the structure itself. The white accents break your view of the legs a little, giving them detail and appearing less long.

I added a support trim between the two back legs to match the sides. I haven’t painted the bottom tips yet, but they will be white.

I also installed the third floor partition which I didn't do yesterday. It's time to continue adding to the structure so I put in the two front side walls.

The right side wall has three pieces of trim that are laminated to it's back between each floor. I propped them up next to where they go in the pictures below. I then glued them to the back of the right wall and clamped them with binder clips. The purpose of this double thickness is so that you can screw in the hinges later. The hinges are screwed to the right side of the dollhouse. The left side wall is not laminated because nothing screws into it.

Use a lot of glue because remember that this wall will be holding the doors weight and the pressure of the hinges.

Now the front roof support. Both of these pieces only fit one way so there is no way to make a mistake on them.

While that dried, I went to work on the front door. The front door is made up of two identical panels laminated together. The smaller panel goes to the back. Make sure you face both good sides of the wood outward, since you will be seeing the back of the door when you open the panel. I clamped it with binder clips and set to dry.

I was going to hinge the roof so that I would have an extra floor in the attic but there is no top attic floor. You can see right into the roof from the third floor so there’s no point in hinging it. A simple kit bash might get you an extra room up there but I will not be trying that out with this kit.

I will not be installing the staircase until I’m done with the interior.

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