Saturday, May 9

The Gloucester Dollhouse Day 2

The “table” with the legs dried over night so it's good to go this morning.

The instructions for this dollhouse bring no pictures whatsoever. They only have some illustrations but they don’t show the assembly step by step and there are no pictures of the finished dollhouse. You can see some detailed pictures of the finished dollhouse here.

First, I laminated the base or the first floor of the dollhouse to the “table” I made yesterday. I used wood glue to glue it on and binder clips to make sure it's tightly against the “table” base all the way around. Make sure that the front of the base is facing towards you, because this will be the front of the dollhouse. The base front is the side with the two cut out squares at the corners. Make sure you don’t get glue on any slots.

Now I put in the back wall and one of the side walls. Though the instructions do not have pictures, this dollhouse is a pretty straight forward build. The dollhouse is basically a box so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

It is much more difficult to assemble the dollhouse on legs. You will have a hard time holding walls together as you assemble since they tend to fall over. Just continue building and clamping anywhere you can with masking tape. You will not see sturdiness until you put in the last side wall.

Key things to keep in mind while building the shell. Make sure that your floors are facing the right way. Remember they each have a stairwell hole in them and if they aren’t positioned correctly, your staircase will not fit. The same goes for the partitions. All the doors must be in the right side or the staircase will not fit later on. Use the website pictures of the dollhouse as a guide, not the drawing.

Good thing about front openers is that you can build the dollhouse almost to it's entirely without having to finish a single room on the interior. The box shape of the dollhouse leaves all the rooms accessible for later finishing.

Let the shell dry over night.


Heather Cutting-Rayl said...

Hi, I'm sorry you are having so many problems! I dry fit the whole thing together myself with no problems at all. Once I had the second floor in, it was a piece of cake! I don't remember using too much tape either. It stayed together while I measured rooms for wallpaper and furniture too. I took it a part to do all of my priming and such. I will be applying my brick siding while the panels are flat much easier that way!

Gina said...

The problem I had keeping the walls together is caused by assembling the dollhouse on legs. If I could lay it down on a flat surface, it would have been much easier.


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