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Friday, May 22

The Gloucester Dollhouse Day 15

The Music Room
These were the last of my murals. I wallpapered the room with fabric like I did the others and also put fabric as carpet on the floor. I then glued all of the murals in a pattern I liked and trimmed all of their edges. Like the bedroom ones, this has to be done one at a time. it’s a very tedious process but fabric trim does make it somewhat easier because its flexible, easier to cut and you don’t have to paint it.

I then glued in the stairwell railing and added trim and finials to it.

I inserted an interior door in this room. It comes with the dollhouse but you can use it on the second floor door opening or the third floor door opening. I chose the third because the room next to this will be a bathroom. I used the door casing that came with the kit as well.

I used shingles to create raised paneling on the door. I put two square ones at the bottom and butted two octagon ones at the top to make the rounded edges of the top panel. I then used spackle to cover in the joints of where I butted them up together and painted. It makes very true to scale paneling on doors.

I also worked on the front panel again. I decided to make detailed curtains with several different layers of fancy trim. I was able to get the look I wanted without struggle. I cut the first long lace layer through the middle and tied each panel. I then added different fancy trims as valances. I glued the curtains on with hot glue.

Whatever type of curtains you make, you have to keep in mind one thing. You can't make anything too thick around your windows or your front panel will not close properly. Hold up your curtains with masking tape and close the panel, first, to test them out. The middle windows are really the ones to worry about.

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