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Sunday, May 17

The Gloucester Dollhouse Day 10

The Dining Room
This room was done a little differently. I decided to put a chair rail with two different tones of fabric above and below it.

I first carried the marble flooring into this room. I did it the same way I did it yesterday for the living room. I then made paper templates of the walls and cut them half. I cut one pattern of fabric from one half and another from the other half.

I applied the fabric the same way I did yesterday. I did the bottom half first and then the top.

If I didn’t mention this yesterday, let me do so today. Wallpapering with fabric is done the same way as with paper. You want to apply the front wall first, fold 1/8” excess fabric around both corners and then apply the side walls, overlapping and butting up the far edges into the wrapped around corners of the front wall. Window and door openings are cut the same way, using a sharp craft knife. Cut any rough edges with a scissor afterwards. The only difference is the glue. Tacky glue works very well so I recommend it.

I then used a nicely carved trim piece for the center moulding. I found this trim piece at the craft store framing department. I had thought of buying different styles of this trim for baseboards and crown moulding but the problem is that they never have these pieces in stock. In fact this is the very first time that I actually found one single piece at my local craft store. This solitary piece I found was broken but I was able to easily repair it. Even though I don’t have for the whole dollhouse, I still have enough for this room and it will give it a distinctive look.

You have to do some miter cuts in order for the corners to meet properly at an angle and this is always tricky to do. The Easy Cutter already brings a miter guide so all I had to do was position the piece and cut. I suggest you use a dowel first for practicing your miter cuts.

The rule of thumb for the height of miniature chair rails and wainscotting is 3 inches from the floor but in reality, you can just use whatever height looks right to you. In many real homes, chair rails and wainscotting had different heights depending on the rooms, style, etc.

Once the trim piece was painted and cut to the right size, I just glued it over the two meeting fabrics seams.

I left a little space around the door opening so I can glue on the same type of fabric trim I glued on the other side of it. I also added the little roses. I used the same wide and flat fabric ribbon that I’m using for the crown moulding on the interior edge of the door opening so it's nice and finished. This helps give even more of the illusion that the dollhouse is upholstered on the interior.

I used balsa wood trim for the baseboards this time around, painted white and a wide fabric ribbon for the crown moulding. I added a rose to each corner.

1 comment:

A. Wright said...

Wow, now that is a very cool idea. I love how this is turning out, really does remind me of Wedgewood china.

I'm really glad to see you held on with this and that it hasn't ended up in the bin :D (I know I've had a chat or two with the Beacon about a visit to Mr. Trash Can)


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