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Monday, March 9

The Garfield Dollhouse Day 9

I told you all yesterday to make sure you go over all of your floor joints with wood glue but the dollhouse is too large to set on it's sides or upside down for you to do this easily and thoroughly. Do what you can with the dollhouse right side up and remember that the wallpaper paste is going to seep into those joints and reinforce them for you. That’s why you should always go around corners with wallpaper whenever possible. It strengthens the dollhouse. If you use a good quality wallpaper paste, you will be surprise how hard the stuff is when dry. It's nearly impossible to remove. If you tried to remove well put wallpaper before, then you know what I mean.

I primed the areas I was going to wallpaper with some left over light colored paint. I wallpapered the living and dining rooms into two different colors like the staircase. As you can see each side of the staircases wallpaper pattern is facing the same wall pattern.

I left a little bit of excess hanging over the right edge because a wall will go there and I want the paper to go around the corner of it.

Notice the weird little corner in both the kitchen and guest bedroom. Again I left an overhang on the left edge because there will be a wall on this side. I can't put the wall in yet because I won't be able to access these corners anymore. I have to put the closet doors before I attempt to put the missing wall. I'll also have to put the ceiling trim and baseboards in the corners.

If you want to hinge your closet doors then you will want to wallpaper the interior of these closets as well. I’m not going to hinge them so I don't need to finish anything in there.

I put the door knobs into the closet doors. I opened up a hole first with a nail and hammer and then hammered in the knobs. I put a piece of cardboard between the knob and hammer so they wouldn’t get damaged. Make sure you put your doors side by side when you do this so that both knobs are at the same distance and height from each other. I then inserted the doors and added the trim around them. You have to sand these doors down a lot to make them fit.

After the closet doors are done, I had to add the ceiling and flooring trim to that tight little corner in the room because once the side wall goes up, there will be no way to access that area anymore. I did both the kitchen and the bedroom. Once that was done, I went ahead and glued on the Side Wall.


susan said...

Gina, Why can't you put the wallpaper on the walls before you glue them together? Susan

Gina said...

Susan, you never want to apply wallpaper to walls that have not been put together unless you have no other choice because A the area can not be accessed after the dollhouse is assembled or B the area can not be wallpapered properly after assembly, like in the case of an angled attic.

The reason you do not want wallpaper on your walls before assembly is because assembly needs a lot of glue and must be free of obstacles that can prevent adhesion. Your wallpaper will be torn or damaged in the process of assembling. It will also be very difficult to know which wall will fall where in a room and this will cause you to wallpaper the wrong patterns onto the wrong walls. Another problem is that your wallpaper prints will not match up at the corners if you wallpaper before assembly. Walls do not always align perfectly, causing this issue. Even more problems are with the wall joints themselves. They will look bad if you wallpaper beforehand because you can't wrap your wallpaper around these corners as you should.

The list of issues wallpapering beforehand can create goes on and on. You should give my Dollhouse Wallpapering Guide a look through so you can get more information on this.

Good luck with your project!

Spencer Aloysius said...

Does anyone not wallpaper the interior and just paint it instead? My daughter has indicated that she would like decorate and re-decorate the interior many times. I am thinking that we will end up having to re-wallpaper a lot and that painting the interior white or some bland colors might give her the best design options.

Gina said...

I'm sorry for the late reply but Blogger was not notifying me of comments.

Yes, there are people who do paint the interiors but this finishing is not recommended for tab and slot dollhouses. It is labor extensive because you have to prepare the walls in order for the paint to look good. This means sanding for smoothness, filling any delaminated areas, hiding tab and slots by filling and sanding smooth. You also have to hide joints at the corners of interior walls and ceilings, since paint will enhance all gaps and crevices.

When you have such small and tight areas in a dollhouse to have to do all of this work to, it can be time consuming.

Its plywood and plywood has to be prepared to take on paint, especially since the "good side" of the plywood is always facing towards the exterior, not the interior of these dollhouses.

If painting will get you the look you want, remember that there are many solid color scrapbook papers available that will give you the look of paint, without having to use paint.

You can also, just go through the extra trouble to paint the interior, if its a look you really want.


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