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Thursday, March 5

The Garfield Dollhouse Day 5

Now that the floor is done, it's on to the staircases. These staircases are very pretty and fun to put together but I want to do something more elaborate with this one and I know it will take patience and time. First I’m making it two tones and I want to wallpaper it.

I’m starting with the large first floor one. If you want to paint your staircases different tones, you have to paint and stain all parts before assembly. Notice that the staircase is what separates the living room from the dining room in this dollhouse. This makes wallpapering a little bit of a challenge. I plan on wallpapering it two different patterns on two different sides in order for it to match up with the rooms they will be facing.

I painted all the balusters, risers and steps beforehand. Then I began putting the staircase together. Put it together exactly like the instructions tell you to. There are no short cuts for this process and really nothing I can advise you with. Follow the instruction to the letter. Make sure that your staircases is facing in the right direction as well so look at the photos of it carefully. It must wind up to the right.

I thought it would be tough to put together but it really isn’t. You just have to make sure you keep everything clamped as you go along. Masking tape is best because you can fit it through the balusters.

I’m going to wallpaper the staircase, so there’s no need to try and make it pretty just yet. I put the staircase on the dollhouse floor just to see how the tabs will fit but I haven't glued it on there yet. Don't put your staircase in until the instructions tell you to do so.

Remember to not install the top posts on yet. If you want to finish the small closet underneath the staircase, don’t install the door yet. Keep in mind this door does not bring trim so you might want to use the wall it goes on as the trim. It's extremely narrow on the sides anyways so it looks more like trim than a wall. That’s why I stained mines rather than wallpapering it.

I put on the banisters and post trims and I’m leaving it as is until it dries over night. I still have to prepare and hinge the door and wallpaper the whole thing, including the little closet.


A. Wright said...

What a great idea!(runs off and tries this).

I selected you as my first choice for the Fabby Award. I know you get lots of these, but you clearly deserve them all.

Gina said...

Thank you for choosing my blog for the Fabby Award!


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