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Monday, March 23

The Garfield Dollhouse Day 23

Now that the interior windows are done, I can glue on the back roof panels that are suppose to be removable but like I said before, I won't be making mines removable. There just isn’t much usable space behind them. Use a hammer to get them in place. If you plan on making them removable, you will have to sand them enough so that they sit in place properly and you can easily remove them when needed. You don’t want to have to hammer them in place every time you remove them. They have a lip that rests against the floors so they don't slide off.

Now I have to install the last French doors and balcony. I assembled the French door just like I did the first one. I installed the door knobs the same way as well.

I had to install the French doors interior trim first, before the door goes in. It's easy to do. All you have to do is make sure they are flush with the door edge opening. You can look through the bay window to see if you have it right.

Like I explained before, this French door is not going to be permanent. I’m making it into a faux door. It will not be glued in place so I can remove it if I have to. It takes a lot of sanding of both the door and the opening to make them fit just right. I had to find the perfect fit to these doors so they are easily removable. They have to be tight enough in the opening so they don’t fall over but they have to be loose enough so I can remove them easily if I had to.

The reason I’m making them removable is because if something goes wrong in this room, like my curtain falls off, for instance, I can have access without having to break the dollhouse. You should never make an inaccessible room completely closed off because you never know if you have to get in there in the future. Not to mention if you want to display furniture in this room.

I glued the doors together in the middle because it's easier to remove them from the opening while together than if they are separate. I put them in the opening and then glued the trim around them. I later removed them to test how easily they come off and it was perfect. They come out very easily and snap back in without effort. They also stay put no matter how much I move the dollhouse around. You would never know these doors can come out just by looking at the them.

I added the balcony railing once they trim was dry.

I varnished all the floors again to give them a better shine.


Kathy Calhoun said...

Gina, That is absolutely beautiful!!! How smart! It's making me look twice at my own tower, though I won't copy yours. What an imagination you have!!!

Gina said...

Thank you so much Kathy. That tower top has a lot of potential. You can certainly do something like this to your Garfields tower. Im sure there are a lot of houses out there that have done something like this also so its not copying at all..:)

I was also browsing through your blog again and your Garfield just keeps looking better and better. Great job on that siding!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

I wish I had turned my tower into a gazebo/balcony!


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