Sunday, March 22

The Garfield Dollhouse Day 22

I had to stain a lot of interior trim. Always paint/stain your trim on every side so that no raw wood is visible from any angle.

After all the trim was installed, I installed the curtains. After the curtains were in place, I hot glued little flowers at the corners. I used my long tweezers to be able to reach each window.

I covered the peeking through gables from the second floor with lace trim. I painted the peeking through eaves white first and then glued the trim over them. I think this is the easiest way to hide these over hanging gables but you can use other methods as well. You can try and wallpaper them or maybe trim them somehow with wood strips. Whatever method you choose, you do need to hide them because they are not attractive.

I made a paper template of the window seats of both bays. I did this by creasing the paper around the seat. Both seats are the same size. I then cut the paper template out of thin cardboard and upholstered it. I always use hot glue for upholstering because it holds quickly, not allowing your fabric to shift. I used cotton balls to make the batting. I bought a neutral color fabric that matches the curtains. I added lace trim to the front edge and then glued the completed cushion to the window seats.

I added some trim to the steps so you can't see the wallpaper of the walls as the top riser. I did this with simple basswood strips. I also trimmed the edge of the higher floor in the attic. I also used basswood strips as well to do this.

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