Saturday, March 21

The Garfield Dollhouse Day 21

I assembled the chimney. It can't go in yet but at least it will be done and waiting for me when I get ready for it. I used a brick printed paper to cover the bottom and a mixture of spackle and paint to make a textured trim and flue on the top.

I finally fixed the attic door to the gazebo. I took off the doorknob that was there before and glued on the same little handle as on the screen door. I trimmed the top part. I touched up the attic wall where I glued on the railings yesterday and the glue has dried on all of the other areas I worked on.

I decided to glue on the wood strips that make the “lip” of the removable roof sections. Again, I don’t plan on making these panels removable.

Remember my missing railing caps? I had to make two of them out of cardboard to finish the attic railings.

I prepared the two removable roof panels. I painted them depending on the room they fall into and I put the skylight window in place. I can't put these panels in until I’m done with the attic. I need to get curtains up there so for now, they remain off the dollhouse until the last moment.

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