Monday, March 2

The Garfield Dollhouse Day 2

I had thought about leaving all of the punched out pieces in the box but I couldn’t. The box just takes up too space. After I’m done sanding them, I’ll organize them better. Masking tape is great for bundling long parts together but if you have rubber bands, they will work even better.

Now I have to sand all of the parts. I sand lightly, all of the edges, removing all splinters. I punch out tab slots as I go along and then sand around them so nothing is in the way of where the tab has to fit. There is no need to sand your dollhouse too much. Just sand the edges until they are smooth. It usually just takes a couple of strokes. I have always lightly sanded my dollhouses and they are still smooth to the touch. Many people who have no knowledge of dollhouses always ask me what they are made of. So there are no visible rough parts to a finished dollhouse with just light sanding. Also keep in mind that most of the edges your sanding will be covered because they will become joints.

I punched out all scraps from railings and gingerbread.

When I finally finished sanding everything, I organized them better by bundling them up and holding them together with masking tape according to what they are. Thank goodness I labeled them properly when I punched them out. I had no problems whatsoever in identifying any pieces. You might want to label the masking tape with a black marker so you know what the parts in the piles are for.

Even though I have everything labeled and ready, I did not throw out the schematics. You still need them. There are some tab and slot labeling on the schematics that you may have to reference. You also want to double check your parts with the schematics as the instructions call for them.

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