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Thursday, March 19

The Garfield Dollhouse Day 19

Today I installed the foundation lattice.

I first had to put in the steps. Use a dowel and a hammer to help you tap in the kitchen step riser. Long dowel sticks really help you get to hammer tight areas that are impossible to reach with your mallet.

After the steps are in, I painted all the lattices. All of your lattice has to face the same direction. This is the most important thing to keep in mind and it’s the thing that can easily confuse you. I suggest you group them together first, before you start painting. Analyze the pictures on the instructions carefully so you know what direction each one has to go.

Paint each part individually and then laminate them together using binder clamps to hold them flat and tight against each other. If you paint them after you laminate them, you might end up with too globby paint since the holes are so tiny. Make sure that they are all facing the right direction. You only need to paint the side facing outwards. The lattice goes flat against the front foundation pieces. You can paint those foundation pieces in a contrasting color that can be seen through the lattice. If you paint them dark brown or black, it will give the appearance of there being a hollow space behind the lattice, underneath the porch. I painted mines the same brown as the trim.

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