Wednesday, March 18

The Garfield Dollhouse Day 18

Now that the porch roof is nice and dry, I can unclamp it and begin putting up my porch. This porch is built in sections so that it comes out straight. You start with the top gingerbread. It fits perfectly around the porch roof edge.

Then you have to put in the trellis and continue putting up railing and posts. I suggest you glue on the bottom railing trim at the same time you glue on the posts because that will ensure they fit properly together. The banisters can be left for last. Binder clamps will hold your porch perfectly straight. When they are dry, put on the roof.

I worked on the second floor bay. This is suppose to be a removable bay but I’m not making it so. I’m gluing mines permanently on.

If you electrified your dollhouse, you might want to keep the bay removable. If you don’t, you won't be able to access this area again if there’s a potential problem with your electricity. Also you need access to it, to hang a chandelier.

The bays windows and wallpapering has to be done before installation.

Now because the bay is removable, there is going to be a little lip with a slot coming out from wall, just above the bay. This slot is where you put the roof tab of the bay. My bay will not be removable so since I will not be needing that piece, I took mines off.

I can't install the French doors that go on the other opening of this stairwell yet. This whole room must be finished before I can do that. I need to buy fabric to make the window seats and I have to install the curtains, so it stays open for now.

I still want to have entry into this room in the future. So, I’m making the french doors into removable faux doors. The doors will be on the dollhouse but not glued on. I will be able to pull them out if I need to.

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