Friday, March 13

The Garfield Dollhouse Day 13

I wallpapered the side wall of the living room and master bedroom.

Time to put the French doors for the guest bedroom. The opening for these French doors can be closed off because the room is accessible from the back just fine. I had to sand the doors a lot to make them fit into the opening as is usual with die cut dollhouses. I inserted the door knobs in the same way as I’ve done for the other doors before I installed them.

After it dried, I put in the balcony. Glue gun sticks always make great clamps for tight spaces.

I painted the side walls of the screen door for the gazebo.

I went ahead and installed the kitchen bay today. I encountered a few problems. First the instructions do not tell you the exact positioning of the roof so I had some problems installing mines. The windows were also a little complicated.

Make templates of your kitchen bay roof parts so you can shingle them later.

The first thing I did was wallpaper the bay walls, including the part that you see through the windows. You can patch wallpaper to do this because the patch won't be noticeable. You just don’t want people to see raw wood when they look in through the windows of the kitchen bay.

Now the first problem encountered. The roof. These roofs are pretty self explanatory because a lot of die cut dollhouses bring them. I’ve built many of them before but this one is a little different because of the roof trim.

The instructions do not tell you what edges go flush with what so it's kind of hard to figure out just how high or how low the roof is suppose to sit. I suggest you paint and install the roof trim at the same time you do the roof itself to ensure that it will fit properly.

Anyways, if I placed the roof too low, I had gaps on the sides but if I brought it high enough to hide the gaps, the roof trim wouldn’t fit on the top. It’s a no win situation. I’m not quite sure what’s causing this.

I was forced to position the roof low enough for the roof trim to fit. I used basswood strips to hide the side gaps. Once the roof is shingled, then everything will be hidden from view. Also keep in mind that the sill on the window over the kitchen bay is different and cut at an angle on both sides so that the trim fits.

Now the windows. Not sure what caused the problem over here either. I don’t know if it was me or if it was the schematics. I just couldn’t find any window parts labeled “kitchen Bay”. It took me some time to realize that the kitchen bay windows are the same as the tower windows so they were labeled in the same way as the tower ones were. I labeled every single part according to the schematics so this might be a schematics problem but I didn’t reference back to it to see if it really was. Just keep this in mind that the kitchen bay windows are the same as the towers so you don’t become confused as I did.

Anyways, this problematic bay is done. Cause of the problem remains unknown. It could have been me or it could have been the instructions. Take a note of it for when you do your built. Dry fit all window parts before painting them to make sure they go as they are labeled.

I ordered more interior doorknobs but until they get here I won't be able to install anymore interior doors. I had one set left so I decided to put in the bathroom door. It actually went in really easy which was a pleasant surprise.

I also assembled and installed the front door. It just wouldn’t fit even though I sanded a lot. I ended up sanding the opening as well and that did the trick. I was finally able to get them to fit. I glued on the doorknobs.

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