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Tuesday, March 10

The Garfield Dollhouse Day 10

The time has come to do the stairwell. It's very important to get this step right and to finish it properly as access will be very limited later one in the assembly.

I assembled the two walls that create the stairwell away from the dollhouse. I did it this way because it just seemed easier for me. After all, they have to be wallpapered before they go in.

While they dried, I marked with a pencil where the joints for the walls would fall. Basically the slot on the floors will let you know where that will be. I primed and wallpapered that area.

After that I wallpapered the stairwell walls while they were still off the dollhouse with the same pattern wallpaper.

While they dried a little, I touched up the first floor staircase and the staircase opening. This will be your last chance to be able to do this.

I then installed the two walls already assembled and wallpapered.

You have to make sure everything aligns correctly. Clamp everything.

I then installed the second floor staircase. The instructions tell you to install it after the third floor is in place but I decided to do it before. I thought it would be easier for me. I don't know if it was. It seems like it will be a mission to install the floor either way. Installing this staircase was relatively easy this way though. It doesn’t take any pressure or hammering. It just sort of fits right into place. I really thought it would be a lot worse that it was. Clamp it well.

As you can see once both staircases are in place, the result is a very elaborate winding staircase that intersects two floors.

I made sure that everything was nice and clamped and I installed the third floor in place. This was very hard to do. You need a hammer and you have to make sure that everything is aligning as you get the floor in. Clamp everything after you hammered it into position.

While that dried, and it will have to dry over night, I went ahead and installed the Living/Dining Room Partition in the first floor.

I also installed the Dining/Kitchen Door. I did it the same way I installed the closet doors.

I wallpapered the bedroom and kitchen side wall.

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