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Sunday, March 1

The Garfield Dollhouse Day 1

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The Garfield By Greenleaf

Take note that a part of this dollhouse has been mislabeled on the schematics sheet. On Sheet 35, the side pieces of the 2nd Floor Bay Trim for the roof are really the Kitchen Bay Trim. The side pieces labeled Kitchen Bay Trim are really for the 2nd Floor Bay roof. Keep this in mind so your pieces fit correctly.

{In Loving Memory Of Nancye}

This dollhouse is so large that the more preparation you do for the build, the better. I’m going to build this dollhouse a little differently from the usual. I am going to label and punch out all the pieces from their sheets first.

I do not recommend this for first time builders. If you have no experience on how these dollhouses go together, you will be completely confused with so many loose pieces laying everywhere. Inexperienced and new builders, should always keep all of their parts on their sheets until the instructions ask for them.

This dollhouse is similar to the Pierce Dollhouse and since I already have experience with the staircases and windows of these particular dollhouses, it will be easier for me to punch everything out and bag them all by components. That way the parts are ready for me when I need them rather than having to hunt them down in this massive pile of sheets. I will also be conserving work space if I can just get rid of all the wood scraps left over by the punch outs.

Even though the Garfield is a huge dollhouse, with a lot of sheets, it does not have as many pieces as the Beacon Hill Dollhouse, for example, so the punched out pieces are not so difficult to keep track of. There are mostly very large wall and roof sections rather than little parts.

All parts have to be labeled with a pencil using the schematics before they are punched out from their sheets. Even though the schematics for Greenleaf dollhouses are exceptionally detailed and you will be able to just recognize the pieces by its shape, it's still a good idea to label each correctly. Especially when your punching out staircase risers and steps, which all look the same but each have a specific staircase they belong to. It is also very easy to mistake a legitimate dollhouse piece for a left over scrap to discard. You have to label carefully and exactly as they are labeled in the schematics. Don’t write in your own short hand or you will be confused later.

I can bag up the smaller parts by components but the larger ones will just be labeled and put in the box for now. As you can see I’m sorting the parts according to what they are.

All the pieces are not prepared yet, I’m simply punching them out and sorting them. Tomorrow, I will sand them and resort them into more defined groups. This dollhouse brings some furniture like a pantry, corner shelf and tower window seats. I might or might not use them, it depends on the interior space that the finished dollhouse has. I have not thrown out any parts yet. I didn’t even throw out or modify the parts for the tower top bash I plan on doing. I'm keeping the entire dollhouse as is for now until I get a better idea of what needs to change in order for me to bash it.

This dollhouse does not require you to keep the box photo as a guide because the schematics bring an entire page of very detailed and clear pictures of the finished dollhouse, from all angles.


Sumaiya Mehreen said...

Yay! The Garfield! :D I love this house, and I can't wait to follow the construction!

Anonymous said...

I haven't started building my kit yet, for The Garfield dollhouse. However, the room that I was going to use does have too small a door by about 2 inches. Is there a way of altering the dollhouse so that it can be placed together from 2 separate pieces? If so, how and where would you do that?

Gina said...

I know that some people have done this so it can be done. Basically there is nothing you cant do with a dollhouse. If I were to do something like this, I would most likely have the house seperate in the middle where the two floors join. Basically the house is so large that you have to butt together two pieces of firt floor parts to make the entire first floor. I would most likely try to make the house removable on that seam. Its going to take some work though and careful planning. I suggest you go and take a peek at the Greenleaf forum because there are people there that have made their Garfield into two seperating pieces. They might have some good tips to give you.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone here know where to purchase the upgraded working windows for the garfield?

Gina said...

Last time I heard, the upgrade kit was no longer available because Timberbrook, the company that made the upgrades, is no longer making them or they went out of business. The only way to find an upgrade for the Garfield or Pierce is to check eBay or Craigslist.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody give good, clear pictures of the schematic sheet for the Garfield House, it's the paper showing what all the parts went too and what the parts were for.... Thank you

Unknown said...

Hallo, I've heard that you might have pictures with the base of the porch steps for the kitchen. I'm really having trouble with it, step 3 in the instructions is very vague :-( Can you help?

Gina said...

I am going to look through the pictures I have and see if there are any that show in detail the kitchen steps, for you. I'll post up the links tomorrow.

Gina said...

Okay, I have a lot of pictures of the Garfield Dollhouse and I am sure this step was blogged but I have no idea on what day it was. You would have to click on Newer Posts so you can see the whole assembly and find where the step your looking for is.

Aside from that, I took some close up pictures of the kitchen porch side steps on my already done Garfield. As you can see, the steps are formed between the foundation and the lattice foundation which goes directly on top of the foundation. That leaves a hole where you insert the step side pieces and the step itself. The lattice foundation creates the bottom riser. Not sure if that clarifies it enough but I think the pictures will help you figure it out.

Here is the link to the album where they are in:

Lauren Rose said...

Hi, I started my Garfield several years ago and had to put it aside when I had to go to work. I've now revived the project, but at a loss as to where a lot of the little pieces go. This is obviously a classic mistake, but I'm making it up as I go. In answer to the girls problem with the size of the rooms door, I actually twisted it through the door by manouvering around the v shape at the back. I've also been really ambitious and I am making an extension so that it is a u shape at the back and nearly doubling the amount of rooms. I am making this in two seperate parts that push up to each other on the side wall. This required me to shift the kitchen bay window onto the extension. I found some good clips on u tube of people making the Garfield that were really helpful

Anonymous said...

I am also finishing my Garfield after having put it aside for years. Does anyone know how to obtain a copy of the Schematic Drawings Pg. 5? I seem to have lost mine.

myjw100 said...

I am just getting ready to start my Garfield. I'm a fine artist in painting, mixed-media and sculpture and also enjoy needlework. I've done very small, very simple projects before...nothing like this. Maybe I shouldn't have started with a Garfield but anyway, here I am. ;) I wanted to thank you so very much. Reading through your guides and your Garfield construction have been extremely helpful. I'm looking forward to reading it all again as I go. I'm basically a beginner so I am truly grateful.
Jennifer W.

Paula said...

What a job!! Helping with this doll house for my Granddaughter and I am stuck on Front Hall Bays. Cannot figure out how to do the windows seats, nothing seems to go where I think it should. Does the window have to go tougher first then the window seat is added. Anyone have any suggestions other than blow the thing up!!!!

Gina said...

Hi Paula,

I assembled this dollhouse years ago so you may want to skim through this dollhouses blog posts until you reach the bay windows and see if that helps you.

carole said...

I would like a recommendation for shingles for the Garfield roof.....

Gina said...

Birch veneer shingles are the recommended shingles for tab and slot dollhouses.

nicole curtis said...

I found this dollhouse for free on a classified ad. It needs some renovations but hey it's free


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