Wednesday, January 21

The Emerson Row Dollhouse Day 8

It's time to work on the interior staircase. I first got two pieces of left over wood and made trims for the sides of the hallway walls where the two floors divide. This is not something you have to do. I did it because that’s where the line was of my wallpaper patch and even though it wasn’t noticeable from the back of the dollhouse looking in, it was very noticeable when you looked in through the front hall window. These windows are very large and they have a good view to the interior. These two trim pieces will hide that patch line.

The instructions once again tell you to assemble the stairs while on the dollhouse. I decided to go ahead and build the entire staircase while outside of the dollhouse. I built it completely except for the riser that goes on the second floor. I'll have to install that one when the staircase is installed on the dollhouse. It was a pretty simple staircase to build.

After it's dry, you can install it on the dollhouse but you first have to install the hallway window trim or you won't be able to access it easily later. Installing the already assembled staircase to the dollhouse was as easy as pie. Of course it took some hammering but it was minimal.

As the staircase dried, I installed all of the interior window trim.

I then painted and installed the trim of the flat roof.

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