Saturday, January 17

The Emerson Row Dollhouse Day 4

All of the floors have been wallpapered except for the attic. I’m going to continue working on the lower floors before I begin assembling the top.

I cut out all the wallpaper from the windows and now I’m able to hide all the gaps in the bays. I used spackle and a metal ruler as a putty knife. The flexibility of the metal ruler and it's sharp straight edge are perfect for applying spackle. I spackled all the joints of the bay walls, including where they meet with the dollhouse wall.

You could use skewers if you’d like. I’ve used them before on bays but on this dollhouse, I just didn’t want to use them. After all the bay gaps have been hidden and smoothed, I gave them their second coat of paint.

While that dried I installed the doors. These doors needed very little sanding to make them fit. I glued all of the exterior door trim on.

I then installed the bay roofs. Paint their undersides in the same color as your ceilings because they will be visible through the interior of the dollhouse. You will have to paint them before gluing them on. They fit perfectly.

This dollhouse instructions tell you to install the windows a little differently than all the other kits. You glue the panes on the exterior of the dollhouse walls instead of the interior. Well, I don't necessarily like the way that would look, so I’m installing the windows just like they are installed in every other dollhouse instead. I glued the panes to the interior openings, making sure they were all aligned and straight. I will add the exterior and interior trims later. You can certainly follow the instructions if you'd like. It's all about personal preference.

The front staircase is a little tricky. I suggest you paint every part of it before assembly. I installed it like the instructions said but I don’t recommend it. It's unnecessarily difficult to install though I can understand why the instructions are this way. They want to make sure that your staircase will fit properly but if you assembled your dollhouse correctly and it's straight, there should be no issues inserting a fully assembled staircase into position. I suggest that you assemble the entire staircase away from the dollhouse, except for the railings of course, and then install it completed onto the dollhouse. This will save you some aggravation.

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