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The Emerson Row Dollhouse Day 1

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The Emerson Row By Greenleaf

The instructions tell you to begin putting the interior trim on your windows and doors. If you do this, you will not be able to wallpaper your dollhouse properly. I suggest you leave all trim for after assembly and finishing.

Wallpapering the walls of the dollhouse while disassembled will be confusing and you will create seams at the joints. You only wallpaper before assembly if there will be inaccessible areas on the dollhouse or for certain bay, dormer and/or attics. For the time being, your going to begin the assembly of the shell first.

The first thing you want to do is gather all of the parts for the shell of the dollhouse. The entire shell must be built at once so the glue doesn’t dry and the parts remain flexible. This will help with assembly. Don’t rush. Wood and/or tacky glue take 24 hours to dry thoroughly. Your parts will be flexible up until then.

This dollhouse is best built laying on its back. It will be extremely difficult to build it right side up because all of the walls will continuously want to fall over. Clamp each joint tightly as you go along. Don’t leave any parts unclamped because when the floors go in, there will be a lot of pressure on these walls and they will pull apart.

When you get the Base, Front Wall and Side Walls together, stop. Make sure you have clamped everything tightly and all joints are together. This structure is very flimsy right now so handle with care when you turn it right side up.

The instructions say that your next step is to put in the Hallway Walls. DON’T. If you do that you will never be able to get these floors in easily. You are going to ignore the instructions and put the floors in first.

Put in the First Floor and the Second Floor and then STOP. Do not put in the Third Floor yet. Make sure you clamp everything. Don’t worry about running glue but make sure you wipe them down so they don’t harden that way and cause lumpy wallpaper. If glue runs to your floors and you plan on using the dollhouse floors, wipe with a wet sponge or towel to remove it, but it can also be sanded off later.

Now that your First and Second Floors are in, your going to put in the Hallway Walls. Position them into the First Floor slots, through the Second Floor opening, and gently but firmly use a rubber mallet to tap them in all the way down until the tabs reach the Base Floor slots. Then put the Second Floor small tabs into their slots. Clamp everything.

Now you can install the Third Floor. Clamp and make sure everything is tight and straight. Even though the structure is wobbly, it needs to be straight. Lay it on its side and put weights on top so the joints between the floors and the side walls remain tightly together until dry.


Peggytoes said...

Can I ask what the two yellow dollhouse looking objects are in your living room - from your photos? Are they dollhouses or part of a shelf unit?

Gina said...

Hmm, Peggy, I not sure what the two yellow objects your referring to are but if they look like dollhouses, then they must be my dollhouses which I had all over this house.

Anonymous said...

Gina, how is the building of the dollhouse coming along? I have a ready built one and would love to see what colors you used for interior and exteriors.

Gina said...

Hello, just click on Newer Post right under these comments and you can see all of the assembly of the Emerson Row. You will also see the colors I used as well.

Kristen said...

Thank you so much for this informative blog and sharing your wealth of knowledge!


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