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Saturday, October 4

The Lily Dollhouse Day 17

The attic is the place that needs the most attention. Remember that gap in the ceiling that showed all of the shingles? I covered it up. I didn’t buy the wood trim or the fabric to do it, I just simply made my own trim out of cardboard. I used the box the dollhouse came in, cut four pieces to size and painted them with the same paint I used to make the stain. They blend in perfectly and no one will ever know they are cardboard.

I trimmed all of the ceilings with skewers and finished off the baseboards in the attic with skinny sticks. I glued on some wooden caps to the staircase rails.

Outside, again, I used some stainable wood filler to touch up around the dormer sides.

Now lets review this build so I can show you two issues I had to correct.

First the porch. When I put on the porch railing I saw that one of the posts was horribly misaligned. No matter which way you turned the dollhouse, you just saw a leaning post so there was no way I was able to glue it to the back of the porch roof verge board. What was causing this misalignment is unknown. It's just one of those unpredictable things about dollhouse assembly that sometimes happens.

In order for me to keep the post straight, I had to hold it back but if I held it back it was too far from the verge board for me to glue it so I took some very small pieces of skinny sticks and laminated them together to make the thickness needed between the post and the verge board. I glued it between the post and verge board and that made the post straight. When I glued the post trim over this post, it makes my repair virtually invisible.

Second, on the back porch steps, I lost the risers. I just don’t know where I put them and I searched everywhere so I took some cardboard, measured out the risers I needed and made them out of that. They are identical to the wood ones of the front.

My piece of widows walks finally came in for the back side of the dollhouse so I put it on. The pattern kind of breaks off because of the length of the pieces and the size of the roof. It is not noticeable if you join it at the back of the roof or on a corner.

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