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Wednesday, October 1

The Lily Dollhouse Day 14

Time to pre-assemble the dormers. They have to be completely finished before they are installed because you won't have much access to them from the inside. They go together just like the other windows did, in the same double hung fashion and with the same trims.

Paint everything before attempting to install it. Every part must be finished before you begin assembly. Paint your window sashes inside and out because a tiny bit of the edges are always visible from the other side. Remember, it won't fit the opening perfectly so it's always good to finish both sides.

When you get ready to install the interior window sash, make sure you installed the casing with it. It has a very tight fit and you want to be able to move the sash around until the casing fits. You don’t want the glue to dry and then be unable to install it.

Again your going to come across the same situation as with the mansard panels. The dormer roofs have a curve and the wooden ones that come with the dollhouse are extremely hard, even though they are scored to bend. I again tried wetting them, to no avail so out they went. Instead I used sandpaper. Since my dormers are stained on the interior to match the ceiling and supports, I thought the sandpaper gave their ceilings a nice textured look that matched the stain. They are also extremely easy to put on and they curve very well. All I have to do is paint the exterior once they are dry.

I installed the corner trim for the mansard panels. These go on with a lot of pressure, so use a lot of glue and clamp tightly. You can only do one at a time, so do one side, clamp and let it dry over night and then the next day do the other one. You need a lot of drying time because the pressure will pull them up if the glue is not 100% dry.

I installed the top roof. This one goes on just like the porch and third floor roof. Just like the third floor roof, the roof trim, sits on top of the verge board, you don’t have to put it around the outside edge. This makes everything easier.

I installed the widows walk I bought for the dollhouse but came up short.


Susan said...

Did the Corona people change the roof pieces to cardboard instead of wood? I built this kit back in the early '90's and the roof pieces in the kit were wood back then.

Gina said...

No, this kit still comes with wood roof pieces as far as I know. Because the curve of the mansard roof is so steep on this dollhouse, I suggest you replace your wooden roof panels with a thinner wood or to use stiff cardboard instead. If you don't, you will have quite a struggle ahead of you in trying to make the 1/8"th plywood bend in such an extreme curve.


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