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Tuesday, September 30

The Lily Dollhouse Day 13

The third roof goes on just like the porch roof did but it will be much easier because it's square and doesn’t have that funny edge on one corner to be concerned about. Use the same method as before. Verge boards first, roof trim, verge board trim, brackets and then front trim. The roof trim for this roof goes on easily because it doesn’t have to go over the front edge of the verge board, it sits right on top of it. Because of the error in the instructions, I am using the wrong piece as the Roof Verge Board and that's why it had to be installed in two joined pieces. If your using the right piece, you will not have this problem.

I went ahead and began installing the roof panels. Using this thin cardboard has made installing them a breeze. It bends easily and that gives them that very defined mansard curve. Also there is no pressure being put on the roof parts because the cardboard is light weight and it's curving naturally, without any needed strain.

There’s a little bit of a warp here and there on the panels but all of that will be hidden with the shingles and the dormers. The important thing is that I didn’t have to break a sweat to get these panels to curve. Notice what a steep slope this roof has and in a very narrow area.

I went ahead and finished off the middle and top bay trim. Notice the middle trim is thicker. This is so it will match the side trim.

I painted and added the window squares to the bottom trim of each window casing.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wanted to share this, for curved roof and hard bends, try useing, used x-ray film sheets.they dont warp, and because they are dark there is no need to paint before useing shingles. I get mine from my vet.
love this sight!


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