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Saturday, September 27

The Lily Dollhouse Day 10

The roof supports are fully dry today. I suggest you do the porch in steps. It's best to let everything dry over night because the weight of the entire porch will fall on these parts. Each part you put on will be a stressor to your previous one so letting things dry thoroughly before proceeding, is your best bet. Paint everything as you go along or you won't be able to later. There will be no access to the bottom side of this porch roof once its done so don’t leave anything for later.

I painted and installed the roof verge board all around the supports. I then painted and installed the top roof panels. They fall right in place so nothing has been difficult do far.

I then installed the porch edge trim. I know the instructions tell you to install the brackets (gingerbread) first but it really doesn’t matter if you put the edge trim on now and then the brackets. I had to sand the edge trim to fit on the back corner because it was a little stubborn going in.

This roof is so complex and elaborate that it took many hours for me to figure out just what the instructions were asking me to do. Hopefully my pictures will make it much simpler for the next person who builds this dollhouse.

After the edge trim is in, I put together the brackets. While they dried, I painted and glued on the verge board trim.

After all of that was dry, I installed the brackets. I followed the box photo pattern but you can put them in anyway you want, just make sure you use only 13 for the porch or you will run short on the other two roofs. I made sure that they were all flush to the roof edge, if they aren’t, you will have to cut or sand them down. The roof front trim, which will go on tomorrow, sits over the roof edge and on top of these brackets so its vital that they are flush to the roof edge or your front trim will have gaps and waves on it from the brackets. Basically the front trim is like a hood over the brackets. You will only see the bottom half of them when your done.

This is an extremely difficult roof to put together so take your time.

After the front trim is in, use spackle to hide all gaps, touch up paint and let this whole structure dry over night.

1 comment:

caitlin said...

Again with the corners and angles..and a tough roof as well? I'm glad you're building this house Gina. Of course it's gonna look great when you get finished too after all your concentration and patience. I think I'm glad to be just reading about it...!


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