Friday, September 26

The Lily Dollhouse Day 09

Take one last good look at your foyer because this is the last time you will have total access to it. The front doors must go up before the porch does. I had already installed the interior door trim and the doors were finished yesterday. I only had to stain them today and finish the top pediments.

I glued in all the baseboards and ceiling trim to the foyer before continuing or I won't be able to do it later. You have to sand down your doors very well in order for them to fit in the openings. Double doors are a little more difficult than singles.

I had to take down about 1/8” inch from both doors for them to actually fit in the opening together so I used a hand held sander. You have to be very cautious when using a power sander on these dollhouses because it only takes a slight too much sanding to have your piece ruined. Take it slow and dry fit every step of the way so you don’t end up taking too much off.

Once the doors were in, I put on the exterior trim.


Susan Hamilton said...

I did the same screened door as you but instead of trimming the door I cut the hole bigger so I will have to buy an interior door the same size. I ran out of shingles and the bay is not done so I will have to either buy more, make some out of card stock or stucco the bay. Frustration at every turn with this kit. I have learned a lot but I won't be buying another Greenleaf kit anytime soon. Next time everything from scratch. I put many pieces on wrong including the bay roof but luckily for me I have a good imagination and can figure out how to fake it. lol It would be so wonderful for future builders if they wouold include diagrams.I did the trims before the siding and my siding doesn't look half as neat as yours. Oh woe is me. lol The warpage is pretty bad so at the very end I will go around and put a drop of crazy glue under the wobbly bits and stick them down. Bless you and your blog and the other ladies who made this house. I'd be lost without you all.

Pat DeLaurier said...

I started this kit some time ago-over a year, but have just gotten back to it. I have a lot of experience,thank God! The instructions with the kit are sadly lacking. I have looked at your blogs many times for clarification. Thank you!!


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