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Saturday, September 20

The Lily Dollhouse Day 06

Today I installed the windows or I won't be able to proceed with the siding of the dollhouse. These types of windows cannot be put in after siding. They are installed with the “glass” already on so there is no way to clamp them with binder clips if you put them over the siding. It will make the siding visible and you won't be able to make the double hung effect with the siding in the way. Since they are basically squares, it will be easy to trim siding around them.

I first painted all of the sashes and casings. Make sure you paint all edges and also the back side. The openings are not always exact so you will see raw wood around the edges if you don’t paint the entire piece all over. After the paint was dry, I glued the “glass” to all the sashes.

Once that was dry, I glued on all the exterior sashes to their openings. I followed the box photo and glued the exterior sashes to the top opening and the interior ones to the bottom openings. You then have to paint the bottoms of the exterior to match the top sashes and the tops of the interiors to match the bottoms. At the beginning of this build, I posted a link to a great tutorial on double hung windows, just in case my instructions are confusing. You can clearly see in my pictures though, how these windows are put in.

I then placed the casings around the sashes and it makes a double hung window effect. I suggest you glue the sashes and casings to the double windows at the same time so the glue is still wet enough to move around the sashes so the casings have a perfect fit.

I continued doing this for all the windows. I’m leaving the sills and the pediments off until after I side the dollhouse.

There is a way to make these windows "working windows". All you have to do is not glue the exterior sash permanently in place but snug enough so the surrounding trim holds it in place and they don't fall off. You would have to sand and dry fit, little by little, until the perfect fit is achieved for each window. Applying a little bit of wax along the sash sides, will allow it to slide up and down easier and also keep it in place. This is an option that is best for display dollhouses, not play dollhouses. You must move the sash very gently so it doesn't pop off and become lost.

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