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Wednesday, September 17

The Lily Dollhouse Day 03

The second floor staircase has a book case in the back of it. It’s a pretty well designed one too. Though this staircase is more elaborate because of the book case it actually went together much easier than the first floor one did. I didn’t have the same problem with the top risers this time around.

Build the book case first. It's pretty simple. Put it together with the staircase sides. Keep in mind to keep the treads flush on the right side. Just like the first floor staircase, the flush side goes up against the wall. Dry fit the staircase sides first to your dollhouse so you don’t make a mistake and confuse the side that goes flush. This is very important. If you don’t keep the right side flush, the staircase will not fit. Dry fit until its clear in your mind the side you need to keep flush.

After the staircase was done, I put it aside because I have to prime the walls of the shell I built the other day. Don't stain or paint your staircases until they are thoroughly dry. I suggest you wait over night. Stain and paint can loosen the glue if it's not completely dry.


caitlin said...

Isn't that little bookcase fun!? Are you going to put books in it?

Gina said...

I love that little book case. Its different from others that have been part of the builds. Its really detailed and finished. And of course, I will have loads of books and trinkets on it. :)


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