Tuesday, September 16

The Lily Dollhouse Day 02

The first floor staircase is very difficult to put together.

I suggest you put the staircase backing on the staircase first because that way it's square and ready to have the threads and risers added on.

Everything is straight forward up to the point of the risers and treads. It seems like a pretty easy and basic thing to do. You just put the risers on first and then the treads. You have to position the treads flush with the left side of the staircase and over hanging on the right. This is because the left side sits flush to the wall. This is vital.

Dry fit your staircase sides until its clear which side goes to the wall. Forget the “right” “left” instructions, dry fit it and see for yourself so that it's clear. You don’t want to have to take apart your staircase after it's done. If you don’t make the correct side flush, you won't be able to fit the staircase in correctly. Also make sure you use the shorter five treads towards the top of the staircase.

The risers on the top half of the staircase are just not long enough to reach the ends so I’ve had to squeeze the front of the staircase together with clamps so they will reach.

The staircase looks straight. I had done a dry fit of it before hand and it fit well but I haven’t tested it again after the treads and risers were put in. I have to wallpaper the wall the staircase is going on before I install it.


caitlin said...

Ooops, seems I spoke too soon about you breezing thru the problems. If you're having trouble with the staircase, it must be really horrible.

Gina said...

If it wasnt so much fun for me, horrible would be the only way to describe it. This house has been fighting me every step of the way. I dont think there was a single thing that didnt have to be tweeked during or after assembly.


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