Tuesday, August 19

The Washington 2.0 Dollhouse Day 6

Today I made sure I had everything stenciled on the first floor where the porch goes. I won't be able to reach in there later when the porch goes up.

I stained the railing and porch posts. I also stenciled the porch posts.

This porch can be a little complicated. I suggest you install the railing first and then the posts. The posts are what will square up your porch roof. It will take a little maneuvering to get everything straight. I had a problem with the very back corner. Everything lined up well in the front.

To center the porch posts that go in the middle of the railing, just count rail openings and when you have the same amount of openings on each side of the post, that’s the middle. The side railing has 11 openings so I positioned the middle post to have 5 openings on each side. You're basically covering up the extra opening with your post. The same goes for the front.

This will not be dry any time soon. Leave it over night because there are some pressure points that will not be dry enough to remove clamping from until tomorrow.

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