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Monday, August 18

The Washington 2.0 Dollhouse Day 5

I pre-assembled the chimney and clamped it to dry. I also glued on the front attic wall.

I stained and then inserted the staircases. For some reason, it was extremely difficult to do. Keep in mind that one staircase is longer than the other because the first floor has a higher ceiling than the second floor.

While everything dried, I continued stenciling/painting the front of the dollhouse. If your paint is too thick, it's very hard to make the details on wood. You also don’t want your paint to be too runny or it will go under the stencil and streak, bleeding colors into each other. So the consistency of your paint is extremely important.

I didn’t stencil any parts before gluing them onto the dollhouse because I don’t know how each part will fit and I need for the patterns to be straight.

I installed the pre-assembled chimney. I don’t need to stencil it because it has a brick pattern stamped into it, which looks really nice with the stain. The roof also has a stamped shingle design on it.

I installed the fireplaces. I didn’t glue the mantle on until both fireplaces were in place because you want to make sure the mantles sit flush against the wall. I printed out a brick pattern from the computer to put on the backs of the fireplaces or the wallpaper would be visible inside.

I stained and glued on the exterior door trims for both doors. This dollhouse does not bring trim for the interior, I will have to make that myself later on. I also stenciled the door tops and glued them in place as well.

I stained both porch roof pieces away from the dollhouse and joined them together on a flat surface in the same position that they would be when they are installed on the dollhouse. I stenciled it and then glued it to the dollhouse. They fit into the slots of the walls and then you lock them in place by sliding them sideways. They are suppose to hang naturally downwards. I put a piece of masking tape underneath the joint where they go together, just to see if my stenciled design came out right and it did.

I then stenciled the front attic wall because I knew I had to make a nice design for it since it's basically, the main part of the dollhouse from the exterior. I had to dry fit the attic exterior window trim and outline where the edge was so I could center the design properly.

I stained and glued on the attic window trim and because I had marked where it would go before hand, the stenciling looked perfect around it.

I added the green leaves to the window boxes in the front of the dollhouse because they were complete.

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