Friday, August 15

The Washington 2.0 Dollhouse Day 2

Now that the shell is complete, I can start adding components. Notice I’m skipping the roof assembly for now. You need to have the dollhouse finished on the inside before assembling the roof or you won't be able to access the attic afterwards. I also have to finish the interior before adding the staircases. I’m going to just continue on the exterior for now and work on the interior later.

If you're painting your dollhouse, you're going to want to paint all components before assembling it to the shell. I can continue assembling without the need to stop and paint because the dollhouse is going to be left all wood.

The diamond lattice foundation of the dollhouse goes together in a series of interlocking pieces. You don’t have to glue them to each other, but you do have to glue them under the porch floor. Remember to interlock the porch step side stringers before gluing the diamond lattice foundation piece on because you won't be able to access these slots later.

Turn the dollhouse upside down and make sure all the porch floor slots are behind the diamond lattice foundation pieces. The porch railing will go into these slots and you don’t want the tabs to be visible in the front of the diamond lattice foundation pieces.

Clamp until dry.

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