Thursday, July 24

The Vineyard Cottage Dollhouse Day 6

I had to paint the underside eaves of all the roofs, dormers and porch. I also had to use spackle, finally, to fill in all gaps and slots. More touch up paint on the outside.

Back on the inside, I still had work to do. I painted the rounded tops of the dormers in a pink color to match the wallpaper. I think it gives them added detail.

I turned the dollhouse upside down and added furniture felt tabs to each corner because this dollhouse will not have a landscaped base but instead sit directly on top of furniture. The wood is pretty smooth on the bottom, but these felt pads are added protection, just in case. I also painted the bottom of the bay because since the dollhouse can be turned upside down, I don’t want any unfinished wood peeking out from underneath.

I used skinny sticks to trim under the skewers I already trimmed the ceiling/wall joint with. This is to hide the joint between the wall and the dormers. There was a little line where they both join. I painted them pink to match the wallpaper.

I also had to hide the gaps between the dormer roofs and dormer sides. At first I thought I could do this by covering the inside with pink sandpaper, so I took a piece of sandpaper and painted it pink. I cut four strips and glued them over the joint to cover the gap. I think it turned out pretty well. Skewers and skinny stick cannot be used in this area because of their thickness. They would be visible on the front of the dormer. You need something very flat so, the sandpaper worked just fine.

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caitlin said...

I think that's where I lose my concentration; the touch ups. I think hey, I put it together, what more do you want? Oh, touch ups?!


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