Wednesday, January 24

The Sunrise Arbor

The Sunrise Arbor By Greenleaf

The Greenleaf arbors are available exclusively at their online store. I got the Sunrise Arbor but they also have the Heart Arbor as well. Both arbors show great in dollhouse gardens.

First, punch out your pieces very carefully because they are delicate. Small plastic clamps work very well with this type of kit. The photos I took of the assembly are in sequential order. You can guide yourself by them for each step.

I’m using tacky glue because it's nice, thick and holds well on these very small, more delicate items.

The illustrations in the instructions are pretty good so it's not a difficult build at all. Binder clips work well for the top arch of the arbor back.

Since I’m painting my arbor all one color to match the Westville Dollhouse, I’m able to assemble it first and then paint it when it's dry. If you're painting it different colors, you're going to want to paint the pieces before assembly.

When painting your arbor after construction, make sure you have the right size brush and paint by sections rather than all at once. Don’t blob your paint and watch for drips. Turn the arbor in different angles so you can get every nook and cranny.

Decorate your arbor with miniature flowering vines and bushes.

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