Monday, July 14

The Primrose Dollhouse Day 4

I went to the craft store today and bought some bouquets of small daisies. I got them the smallest I could find, but they are still not in true scale. I think they look cute anyway. The window boxes on this dollhouse are pretty large, so you're going to need a lot of flowers to fill them up good.

The best way to keep flowers in your flower boxes while able to redecorate is to fill your window boxes with cotton balls to just below the top edge. Then dip each of your flower stems into glue and stick them into the cotton. This keeps them put until you want to remove them.

I shingled the dollhouse. I had left over shingles and I used them all on this little cottage. I made a wash with part varnish and part dark pink paint that I used on the dollhouse. I thought the stain I created would come out darker, but it actually came out this light pink wash color and I liked it.

When you make your own stain by diluting acrylic paint and a gel stain medium or varnish, the results can be desirable. The color you end up with really depends on the pigment of the paint. Some paints come out darker and others lighter. This one came out light, which I wasn’t expecting but in the end I liked it. It shows all of the natural wood grain of the shingles right through the stain.

I used a skewer to trim the roof top and little wood caps for the finials on the top of each gable. This hides the skewer end.

I also found these two Hello Kitty heads that I took off of hair clips and glued them to the top of the gable trims.

I had some left over white trim and decided to use it as curtains. I also added the red bows on either side to match the wallpapers red.

You can use Hello Kitty figures in costume jewelry to make door knobs.

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caitlin said...

Hi! Just coming back after a long absense.
Those daisies are definitely a good choice for this house; they match the wallpaper perfectly.

Gina said...

Caitlin! I sure did miss your comments. Its always nice to have you back.


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