Saturday, July 12

The Primrose Dollhouse Day 2

I installed all the window panes, interior and exterior trims.

I also installed the door. I didn’t even have to sand it for it to fit.
I installed the exterior and interior trim for the door as well. This door brings extra bottom trim that fits right under it on top of the step to give an illusion of a riser.

I then applied the shutters which I had already assembled and painted yesterday.

The windows bring a top trim which is basically a narrow shorter piece laminated on top of a wider longer piece. If you’ve built Greenleaf dollhouses before, you will be familiar with this type of window trim. The laminated pieces sit right on top of the exterior window trim with the longer piece on top.

I prepared the roof, since that’s about all that’s left on this dollhouse to assemble. The roof comes with different slots and use them depending on whether the dollhouse will be used as an extension or not. That way the roof lays flat against a wall. I’m using it as a standalone dollhouse, so I punched out the outer slots. I painted the eaves, which will face outside and then primed the inside for the wallpaper. After wallpapering the roof, I glued it on the dollhouse.

I did the same process for the back roof, except I didn’t wallpaper it. It's not visible. I clamped everything so it will dry.

I assembled and painted the window boxes, glued them on and held them with tape so they don’t slide or fall off while drying.

The first image actually shows the dollhouses true colors.


Kathy Calhoun said...

I built this in the Spring for my grand daughter...what fun it was. Though it was easy, you can never forget those little prep details. You've done a beautiful job.

caitlin said...

well, Heelllooo, Kitty! is that cute or what?

Raven said...

hi, I finished building my primrose a while back (all except those shingles.) and I was looking online for ideas on how to finish/decorate it. I also painted mine the same purple color scheme that you chose :) I really like the way you finished your primrose. it looks really nice :)

Gina said...

Thank you very much Raven.


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