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The Primrose Dollhouse Day 1

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The Primrose By Corona Concepts

This dollhouse is so simple to make that the instructions are unnecessary, but only if you've assembled dollhouses before.

It's easier to put the side walls on while the dollhouse is on its side. Make sure you position your walls like I did in the photos because you want that side window on the right wall, close to the back of the dollhouse.

Lay that right wall down first and then glue on the first and second floors to it. Then finally glue on the left wall. Clamp as best as you can, but the structure will be wobbly. This is a lesson in patience.

Lay the dollhouse on its back and glue on the front wall. Clamp. Then sit the dollhouse the way it's supposed to go and clamp everything tightly together.

The structure will be unstable and likely not straight. Straighten out as best as you can and clamp. The structure will not straighten completely until the roofs are put in, so don’t worry about it too much. It will take shape as it goes along. Just make sure your joints are straight, tight and clamped to dry.

Spread wood glue on all the joints. You have to now let this whole shell dry. Remember make sure the dollhouse is not too wobbly. Straighten it out as much as you can. The roof will finish straightening it out once it's ready to be put in. It becomes easier and easier to straighten out the dollhouse as the glue dries. Just make sure all four corners of the foundation are touching whatever table you have it on and if they aren’t, force the dollhouse straight so that is dries straight.

While the shell was drying, I assembled the shutters and the front door. Since they are laminated together, I used the binder clips to clamp them tight.

After the shell was dry, I painted the dollhouse, spackled any gaps and painted it with its second coat.

I assembled the porch steps.

Since I have brick left over from the haunted dollhouse, I decided to use them on this dollhouse, but I painted them to match. Just thought the extra detail outside the dollhouse would compensate for how small it is.

I tried out the paint on a small area first just to see if it would hold and it does. It just needs three coats to hide all the dark brick behind it. I also sanded the back part to take away some of the shine from it and see if that will allow for this material to adhere better. Remember these are the rubber bricks that no adhesive seems to stick permanently. Maybe roughing up the back some will make it work better.

After I painted the brick and it dried, I glued it to the dollhouse base. I think the trick of roughing up the back of the bricks might have worked. I just have to check it tomorrow to see. So far they are staying on.

I then primed the inside of the dollhouse. I primed it in a light pink color because my wallpaper is pink. I also had a lot of pink paint laying around. It's very light so it will work fine. I painted the ceiling in that same pink color. It will match nicer with the wallpaper rather than stark white.

I stained the floors a very light brown color.

I then applied the wallpaper to the first floor and the gable walls of the second floor. When the wallpaper was dry, I cut out the window and door openings.

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