Thursday, June 5

The Westville Dollhouse Day 8

Today I finished putting in the left gable trim and I touched up with paint all around the dollhouse.

I shingled the front of the dollhouse today. I made a template of the roof panels and hot glued my shingles to that. I applied a black wash to the shingles. I touched up with paint around the dollhouse for a final time. I painted the top roof ridge for now, so it won't show too much. I will get a dowel for it tomorrow. Also, I have to buy skinny sticks and skewers to finish the interior trim and hide all of the floor and wall edges exposed in the back of the dollhouse.

I added finials to the front of the roof peaks. It hides the dowel end very well and just gives the dollhouse a more detailed look. I used punch outs from the porch rail to make them. Always save interesting punched out shapes in a zip lock bag. You never know what can be done with them.

I glued the dowels to the top roof ridge and painted it. It's very hard to see it because of the black washed shingles.

I added skinny sticks to the exposed back edges of the walls and floors. I also made all the baseboards for the dollhouse with skinny sticks. I used dowels to trim the gap between the wall and gable wall joints of the bedroom and bathroom. I added curtains to the dollhouse.

I added skewers to the ceilings and dormer corners. I added a trim to the staircase where the wallpaper and railing meet. The glue is still wet, so some white is still visible.

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caitlin said...

Hey Gina, with such detailed instructions, you've almost convinced me to try one of these guys. You really make it look so easy, but I know you've 'breezed through' so many houses, they're all pretty easy for you by now, aren't they?
BTW, what happened to your newbies blog?

Gina said...

Some things have become easier but theres always a struggle in there some

Unfortunately, I was playing around with the templates on Blogger, as you can see this blog has a new layout, and I completely messed up my minisfornewbies. Im afraid its gone for good but I was able to transfer the posts to here. Dont think Ill remake it, too much work and Im too lazy. :)

RichieB said...

The trim on this Westville dollhouse does not appear to be the same quality trim that came in the kit that I bought. I would love to find out where it came from. Thanks for posting these pictures, they are helping quite a lot.

Gina said...

I used the trim that came with the dollhouse kit. The back edges of the dollhouse are trimmed with custom trim.

M L said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to blog your builds. I just got a Westville at a 2nd hand store and I'm itching to get started on my own house. Building a dollhouse has been on my bucket list for a long time.

I was able to get a copy of the missing directions for my kit direct from Greenleaf (stalking the mailman) but having your blog and pics have given me a good idea of the process and I think the only place on the web that allows a person to see the entry area. Your wonderful pics are so helpful as I try to decide whether I build the house as per the kit........or just jump in and "bash" the kit into a bigger house. ........... Decisions, decisions.


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