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Tuesday, June 3

The Westville Dollhouse Day 6

I decided to go ahead and side the remaining walls.

The left wall is longer than the pieces of siding. Butt the pieces against each other in a scattered pattern just like real siding.

Since the walls are sided, I went ahead and finished off the right bay wall. This wall is identical to the front wall, so just complete it in the same way you did the front. No difference. All I have left to do on it is add the bottom bay trim.

When you add the corner trim, you will notice the front wall piece is shorter than the side wall. This is so that the roof has leeway once it's put on.

I painted the left side wall today and installed the windows. The windows on this side are the same as the porch window, so install them the same way.

I finished gluing on all of the corner trim that was left for the remaining walls. The back walls only have corner trim for the sides. This means that you will have to spackle the gap that will be visible on the back side of the dollhouse.

I went ahead and labeled and bagged the remaining pieces from the sheets, so I can find parts better. While the windows and corner trim dried, I got to work on the interior trim.

I always stain or paint my interior trim on BOTH sides. I do it because no matter how well you center to interior window trim, you can still see some edges through the exterior side and you don’t want unfinished wood to show on the edges of your windows.

Notice the center wall trim in the living room. It hides the edge where those two walls meet.

Now the bays. These bays have trim, but you still have to hide the edges where your wallpaper didn’t meet. I took a strip of wallpaper, folded it in half and glued it to the bay edges. The pattern doesn’t have to match up because the bay will be trimmed all around, hiding the wallpaper seam. Do it for both sides. I also took another strip of wallpaper and added it to the top of the bay.

If there’s a little discrepancy in matching up your wallpaper patterns, don’t worry about it. Once you add curtains and furniture, nobody will notice it. All you have to do it make it look nice and neat.

Now that the interior trim is done, I can finally move up to the attic. The attic walls cannot be finished after they are put in, so you have to do it before. I first primed all of the roof pieces on the interior because these roof pieces are also the remaining walls for the upstairs.

After I primed the walls on the inside, I dry fitted and marked them with a pencil where the floors divide the panel. That’s how I will know which room will fall where and I can apply the right pattern wallpaper to them. Most of these walls will have two different patterns of wallpaper plus paint on the overhangs. You will be able to see what I mean once I get one done.

If you measured and marked correctly, then when you put your roof panels together, all the wallpaper will fall into place. As you can see, all the second floor bedrooms have walls now. The bottom overhangs are also already painted.

If you used a very heavily patterned wallpaper, like I did in the floral bedroom, then you can cover the gable edge with a piece of it. If your wallpaper is striped or has a definitive geometric pattern, then you won’t be able to do that. I suggest you just cover the edge with trim.

Leave the back roof panel off for now. That one doesn’t have to be wallpapered since it won’t be visible. You have to finish the windows in the attic before you can put it on. Notice the distant front attic window. I didn’t notice before how far in it was. I can still finish it but it would have been easier to do it before the roof panels went on. Keep that in mind in case you wish to do that before.

I have to let this roof dry over night.

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