Monday, June 30

The Haunted House Dollhouse Day 6

I shingled the dollhouse today.

I mixed red paint with a little brown because since it's diluted in varnish to make the stain, it tends to get a little on the pinkish side.

I had little tiny flowers in a bag. I also had some green foliage and stuck them in there too. I used hot glue on the tips so they would stick to the grass. I didn’t get any glue on the actual dollhouse in case I ever want to change it from this garden base, because I want to redecorate or the flowers get old and damaged.

All I need is more flowers to fill the flower boxes and some green sprigs that can go up the wall behind the flowers.

I glued on the chimney and painted it for now.

I found two wood pieces in my bag of scrap wood and I painted them gray and then used a sponge to dab on white and brown paint over it. They now look like gray flagstone so I added them to the walkway.

I also took a sponge brush and brushed some of the bricks in white, gray and brown paint, so they look aged and different.

After the shingles dried, I realized that even though I had mixed brown into the stain, they still looked quite red - too red actually. I went over them with a deeper red paint I had on-hand and they finally became the right color I was looking for.

I finally added the roof trim. This roof trim is laser cut precision wood that I painted black to look like wrought iron. One thing about these types of trims is that they are extremely delicate. When you paint them, they tend to become soft and the intricate peaks can easily snap off if you press too hard with your brush. Work with it very carefully. This is a product that's certainly not recommended for a play dollhouse. I also suggest that you keep any extra pieces in a safe place where they will not be broken. You might need them in the future for repairs.

I bought a small silk flower bouquet and cut off all of the different type of leaves and little long white flowered sprigs and hot glued them around the dollhouse. I hot glued them to the base and not the dollhouse itself. The cluster I got had a lot of little long leave bushes on them, so I slid them all off the stems and applied them around the flower beds. I also took some of the longer leaves and since they were thin, I was able to put them against the side walls to look like vines. I cut some more long leaves in half and added them to the flower boxes, so that there’s some leaves within the flowers.

I finally got around to printing a pebble texture and used a glue stick to glue it on the chimney.

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caitlin said...

Better 'n better. The icing on the cake.


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