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Thursday, June 26

The Haunted House Dollhouse Day 2

According to the instructions your supposed to put all the window and door trims now but I do not recommend it because then you would have to wallpaper everything before putting the dollhouse together. You can do it this way if you like, it won't ruin your dollhouses outcome but I prefer to do it the more traditional way. Build the shell, wallpaper and then add trim. So I started with step 2 which is to build your shell.

I began putting together the base of the dollhouse. The instructions have no illustrations at all, so you have to just use common sense to put it all together. I didn’t have to worry about squaring because the clamps that I’m using square it all out and keeps it all flush together.

I used tacky glue to put the base together and then I went around the seams with wood glue.

Once this structure is dry enough to be handled, you can go a head and put in the left wall. Binder clips will hold the bottom of the wall in place nicely against the base strip its laminated to.

The right wall is put in the same way. I used the same binder clips and then I used a piece of masking tape to keep both walls aligned at the top by taping them to each other.

I again used wood glue to go over the joints of the walls and floors.

I glued on the front right wall and the front left wall. I had to use a box cutter to remove the cross window patterns from the windows because I don’t need them for the style I’m doing.

I then glued in the center partition which joins all the walls together.

Now in order to get a nice tight clamped fit all around, I have to get that second floor in. It was simple enough to get in place, but difficult to clamp.

Once the structure is dry enough to be handled, use wood glue on all the joints. Turn the dollhouse on different sides as you apply the glue so it doesn’t drip.

1 comment:

caitlin said...

Oh, Gina, you make it look soooooo easy. And yeah you're is a small house!


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