Wednesday, April 9

The Coventry Cottage Dollhouse Day 8

I finished the trim for the interior. In the bottom, I used the skinny sticks for the baseboards and skewers for the ceilings. I also used skewers to go down the vertical edges of the walls. I didn’t use any skewers to trim the gable edges. The wallpaper came out so good that I didn’t have to, so I chose to leave them as is. I used skinny sticks for the baseboards of the attic. I also used skinny sticks to trim the back edges of all of the floors and walls.

I touched up the paint of everything and made sure that I got all the gaps spackled everywhere. If your shingle templates had problems reaching some edges, hot glue shingles to them and stain them.

I also found great curtains for this cottage and flowers for the flower boxes in a matching color scheme.

This cottage brought tab and slot furniture kits which I did not use for it.

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